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Hello and Happy February to you!

Firstly huge apologies for this being the first email of 2017 but I honestly have no idea where January went! In a blink of an eye we are already 31 days into the new year and in case I haven’t seen you yet in person I’d like to wish you a slightly belated Happy New Year!

Anyway over the last couple of months it has come to my attention that maybe I’ve been a bit shy in letting you know what it is I can actually offer you here at Emerald Dreams and so 1 of my resolutions is to rectify that during 2017.

Each newsletter I send out to you or each blog-post/video-post that I am going to upload to this new website (which I am creating as we speak in between clients!) I’m going to endeavour to explain more about the treatments I offer and the benefits you can gain from them. So if you want to know if any of the treatments I offer, can help a condition you are suffering with specifically please do let me know.

I am very passionate about your health and well-being and my business this year, will definitely be growing more towards the holistic side because that’s where my passion lies. So many people are living unnecessarily with pain and I would love to change that – step-by-step and client-by-client πŸ™‚

Multi-Pronged Attack!

Now over the last 10+ yrs that I have been a therapist and have worked with literally thousands of clients, I quickly realised that in order for you to get your life and your health back on-track, it has to be a multi-pronged attack. It’s no longer good enough to simply look at the symptoms of a conditions and treat those, because in my eyes, that’s not addressing why the condition showed up in the first place. You are not looking at the root cause. I believe that when your body becomes ill, it is because it is trying to tell you that there is something wrong in your life – its kind of giving you a subtle (or sometimes a not so subtle!) nudge that “your lifestyle” is not currently working for you.

Now most people ignore this little nudge – the headache, the aches and pains, the initial anxious feeling – maybe take a paracetamol or 2 and gets on with life. So your body tries to get your attention with a bit more force – more frequent or stronger pain or anxious feelings, regularly picking up coughs/colds and viruses which normally pass you by. And then your body really gets the hump and starts shouting at you big time with major pain, panic attacks, depression and lots of disease because it wants you to stop, take notice and make some changes to your lifestyle- pronto!

Now without sounding all woo-woo, as human beings we are not just a physical body, we are also made up of energetic and mental bodies and all of these need to be addressed if you are hoping to completely heal yourself for good and starting to feel good about your life again. By combining the powerful combination of a healthy mindset along with good nutrition, holistic treatments such as reflexology and bach flowers and continuing self-care*, there are so many ailments and conditions that can be helped and healed. I’ve witnessed it myself so many times and its wonderful to see! (And by the way “self-care” does not mean you are selfish (like 1 lovely lady thought last week) – how can you possibly look after anyone else in your life, if you are not first looking after you! “You can’t fill from an empty cup” as the saying goes!)

Changing The Way I Do Business

So with that in mind, I’m changing the way I do my business here at Emerald Dreams. One off sessions are great for “me-time”, TLC and for maintenance but they don’t get you better and that’s what I want for you. So whilst I will still be offering single sessions (at a Pay-As-You-Go rate), from now on I will concentrating on multi-session programs, which will be amazing value and will allow you to really see the benefits of a longer-term plan.

Just like you wouldn’t expect to follow a diet plan for 1 day and expect to lose 2 stone, having one session of therapy (regardless of whatever therapy it is) is not going to correct 1, 2, 5 or 10 yrs of ill-health and pain. Its just like the drugs that dr’s sometimes prescribe, sometimes they advise you to take them for 6/8 weeks before you can start to see any difference! And rather than booking in for a particular treatment, when you come along for your appointment, I will tailor-make each session so that you are receiving the best treatment(s)/techniques that you need on that particular day. Now whilst I will never stop you having a massage if that’s what you really want, if I think some tapping and some reflexology will give you better results, then I will suggest this


Along with changing the way I do business, I will also be increasing my prices from 1st February 2017. Over the last couple of weeks I have had numerous clients say to me that I’m not charging enough and the value that they receive from the session is 10x more than what I charge so I’ve taken this on board! Its been 3 yrs since I’ve looked at my rates and during this time I have been on over 10 different courses, learnt absolutely loads, expanding my knowledge and wisdom, worked with hundreds of clients and I feel that the experience I can offer to you is a much better one (hope you agree to!).

In order to soften the blow, below is a gift voucher that you can use on any 1 treatment from 1st Feb to 28th Feb 2017. Just print it offΒ and show it to me when you come

You will find my new prices on my website (hopefully by tomorrow, it was meant to by today but technology is not being my friend at the mo), bear with me if all the information you are looking for isn’t showing, it’s a work in progress at the moment and will be finished soon, I promise! But don’t be concerned – my lack of polish on my website definitely doesn’t affect my client sessions!

Right I’m off to see a lovely client…

With love & hugs, until next time

Sarah x

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