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Are You or Your Loved One Suffering With
Stress & Anxiety?

Try My
Destress & Unwind

Available to purchase online now!

Come and Destress and Unwind in the comfort of my home salon.  Where each 90 min session is tailor-made specifically for you and your current circumstances.  It will include

  • An introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Reflexology
  • Bach Flowers “Anxiety” Blend Remedies

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping as it’s sometimes known, is an amazing way to release stress and anxiety, and once you’ve learnt how to do it, you can use the techniques anywhere and anytime you are feeling anxious, meaning you will benefit from this session long after the session has finished.

Reflexology is another natural treatment to help deal with the symptoms of anxiety.  By gently pressing different reflex points on your feet, it will stimulate your bodies own natural healing ability and help to calm your nervous system, release tension and stress from your body and allow your mind to relax.  This treatment takes place fully clothed (apart from your feet) on a comfortable, warm couch.

Bach Flower Remedies are a series of natural essences, that can be used by anyone regardless of their age, and regardless of any other medication you are currently taking.  These amazing little bottles of essences work with your emotions and I have created a blend of remedies specifically for anyone suffering from anxiety.

The session is £50.00.  Please allow approx 90 mins for the session to include consultation and treatment time

This package is also available on Gift Voucher if you would like to purchase it for a loved one

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