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Ok time I put this out there cos I think I may have given off the wrong impression from sharing with you some of the feedback I get from my clients on facebook!!

I have just got off the phone from a lady who was enquiring about booking in with me for help with a long term painful condition. As is my normal way I asked her a few questions to determine if I could assist her. When I asked her “so how can I help you?” her short reply was “The doctors can’t help me so I want you to cure me of *** “ Ah ok! – Time to reset her expectations of what I can and cannot do and so I thought I’d share them with you too.

Now my lovely ladies and gents as you know I’m not a doctor, consultant or even medically trained and last time I checked in the mirror I was not Jesus (which is a shame considering what he did with the water turning into wine!)

I AM someone who looks at pain differently to many medical professionals in that I believe it is NOT necessarily a bad thing to have pain and symptoms, as its your body’s way of trying to get your attention and make you sit up and listen, because something/someone in your life – past or present – is quite simply NOT sitting right with you and needs to be dealt with.

I AM able to teach you WHY your pain is not going away or healing and what you can do about it. I AM trained and qualified in numerous holistic therapies and I AM able to teach and share with you the wonderful benefits of them and how you can use them during your everyday life. I AM able to motivate and encourage you to take back control of your life, if that is what you want – because like everything in life you have a choice, and your health is your choice. I AM quite happy to guide and teach you everything I know but ultimately YOU have to take responsibility for your health. I cannot be with you 24/7 and you do and should have a role to play in your own healing.

So as I advised this lovely lady, I CANNOT cure you and you should NOT (in my humble opinion) be giving away your complete control and your power to heal yourself, to anyone else – not even medically trained practitioners (which if you expect someone else to “cure you”, you are). Of course, seek advice from professionals and those that know, on whatever path you decide to go down, whether its medicine and surgery or supplements and therapies or a combination of the two. BUT please do yourself a favour and play a VERY large part in your own health. Look at what else you need to do to contribute to your healing, if you need a lifestyle change to avoid the stress, then make it. If you need to look at what you’re eating, then do it. If you need to stop doing something to allow your body time and space to get better, then stop it.

Just please DO NOT turn up and want someone else to “cure you” without expecting to do your part too!

I share my feedback posts because I am proud and honoured of the part I play in peoples journeys to a better lifestyle and to share with you that there are other ways of dealing with your pain and your conditions that maybe you hadn’t heard of before

Ok – getting off my soap box now – just wanted to share something I’m passionate about xx

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