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Do You Suffer From Anxiety, PTSD, Trauma or Phobias?

Then I can help you, as I am very pleased to say I’m now a qualified Kinetic Shift Practitioner 

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This is an amazing new therapy to add to my ever growing toolbox which can help you immensely with anxiety, phobias, trauma, addictions, birth trauma,weight loss, pain and more!

It was originally designed by Karl Smith to provide a therapy solution for the armed forces when dealing with PTSD.

We know that it is not events that affect us but the feelings that we attach to them afterwards.

Those negative feelings you are carrying around with yourself on a daily basis – the anxiety, fear, pain, guilt, anger, sadness, grief, overwhelm – the list goes on and on.

It is an eyes open process which allows you the opportunity to remove the negative feelings which are affecting your life.  And for me one of the most amazing parts of this therapy, is that it’s CONTENT FREE! That means I don’t need to know anything about what is causing you to feel this way and you don’t need to know either.  All you need to have is a feeling that you no longer want to feel.  Over this weekend whilst I was on the course, I was constantly hearing “I never thought it was that” or “I thought I had dealt with that!”.  It’s a process that is quick and will make changes fast 🙂

By removing those feelings we are not able to erase that person, memories of events etc. but we are able to remove the feelings that gives them the power to affect our emotions and responses. Kinetic Shift allows us to remove these quickly and safely allowing you to respond differently to triggers in future.

Ask yourself “What has this stopped me doing in my life?”

What would you do differently in your life if you no longer felt anxious, fearful, guilty, angry or overwhelmed?

Are you ready to start moving forwards with your life – your way?

Then please get in touch now on 07966 162046 or via my contact page


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